Video Biography

I contract with individuals to produce video biographies of themselves or other people. In all cases, releases are required from the person who is the subject of the video. I start with an initial interview to get to know the person and collect general information about the person’s life story. I also determine what support material is available (photos, film, audio recordings, documents, etc.). I work with the person to decide on the best location for shooting the interview. I then conduct any research necessary, assemble the information and prepare an interview guide.

On the day of the interview, I set up the required lighting, establish the camera positions, locate microphones, run test shots and then conduct the interview. Interviews may be done in segments to allow the subject person to rest and collect their thoughts, and to go back to collect more details about previous parts of the interview. I also either digitize the support material on-site or arrange for digitizing.

During the editing phase, I assemble the interview with other video, photos, documents and audio and add appropriate licensed music. Once the editing of the final version of the video biography is complete, I copy the finished product to high-quality DVD media in either standard DVD format or Blu-ray format with chapters linked to a DVD menu. The discs are delivered in protective cases with an illustrated slip cover.

I do not quote a set price for my video biographies. Each project has unique requirements and circumstances. Please contact me through the information on the home page to discuss your needs.

Event Documentation

I offer video recording of small events such as meetings.

I also produce event documentation in another context. Consistent with my interest in historical preservation, I use photos, video and other support material to create video accounts of historical events. I will be posting these for purchase as they become available.